Defeat the bad virus

Posted On 2023-03-17 14:42:16

Title: Defeat the bad virus

Cover story: During the outbreak of epidemic, the doctors and nurses are working very hard to fight with the virus on the frontline. The scientists are doing their best to find a cure. They are brave and experienced. They were the heroes in my heart who helped the infected people to cure the sickness and protected the other people. Therefore, I hope the bad virus could been broken into pieces, which stopping it from doing evil. Let’s play our part to defeat the bad virus, and people will return to healthy and happy lives.

Artist: Yuncheng Ren, a 4 years old girl, now studying in the Kindergarten Affiliated Chengdu University. She is an active, helpful and optimistic child. She loves nature and is inspired by its beauty. Hence her paintings are always colorful and full of sunshine and hope.