Fighting against COVID-19, my father’s story

Posted On 2022-08-15 09:57:57

Title: Fighting against COVID-19, my father’s story

Cover story: My father Yue-tian Yu is a doctor specializing in critical care medicine. He is also very good at diagnosing and treating infectious diseases. After the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, he went to Wuhan immediately for treating the critically ill patients. In 2021, as a member of the medical rescue team, he had worked in Shanghai public health center for about three months to rescue the patients in critical condition. During the Omicron pandemic in 2022, it was the third time that he went out to battle against the COVID-19. He treated patients in three different mobile cabin hospitals and went back home triumphantly in this May. We are very proud of our father. This picture is a gift for him to remember those unforgettable days.
Created on June 1, 2022

Artist: Ze-hao Yu (8 years old) and You-en Yu (5 years old) are brothers and they live in Shanghai. They enjoy reading, drawing, building models and exploring outdoors. They are also very interested in microorganism and dinosaur. They won the Children's Technology Invention Award together last year. During the Omicron pandemic, they kept studying and reading. Their favorite book is The Adventures of Tintin.