My Dream Castle

Posted On 2023-10-19 15:12:39

Title: My Dream Castle

Cover story: Princess Dora was told that we have no more room for her new dolls in our house. She decided to build an amazing Traditional Chinese Hui-style architecture by her hand as her new castle to live in, with the whole family, and of course, with her new dolls.

First of all, create a blue sky and rich red soil with gouache brush and pat some white paint on them to make beautiful clouds. Then, grow a large golden flower field of Canola with Oil Pastel. Cut the black paperboard into the shape of roofs meanwhile the white paperboard into the shape of bees and butterflies, and glue them on. Last but not least, outline the architecture, paint the wall with white rendering, and add the doors and windows with Marker. Now, we have a perfect Chinese Castle!

Artist: Qitong Huang, who prefers to be called Princess Dora,is an energetic and witty 5-year-old girl with wild interest.

Here is what she usually does at home: drawing, dancing and making a mess of her room while playing games with her besties.

Recently, we realized that she is really good at making up continued stories for her unrelated paintings, like an unpredictable comic strip full of turn-ups.