The Avanti in My Eyes

Posted On 2024-03-01 09:44:55

Title: The Avanti in My Eyes

Cover story: This painting is based on the theme of Avanti, and Sherry created this painting based on her imagination of this witty folk legend figure. In the process of creating this painting, the child thought of the classic image of Avanti: wearing a felt hat, the little donkey is his good friend. In the picture, Avanti rides a small donkey in a gallop, showing his magic. The size of this painting is A4 paper. Sherry use colored pens and crayons as the main materials to express the image of Avanti, and the surrounding environment through delicate brush strokes and rich colors. Through this painting, Sherry hope to show you the Avanti in her eyes.

Artist: Li Yi-lin, a 5 years and 6 months old little girl. At present, I am a kindergarten senior class child, I like to paint and dance on weekdays, and like to imitate runway shows, and also like unrestrained imagination. I am a lively and sunny child, I can take care of my little sister, learn to be an adult, and occasionally act spoiled and sell cute, and I also need a hug from an adult when I'm tired of walking outside. Mom and dad are both surgeons, so my dream is to grow up to be a better surgeon than mommy and daddy, like Ultraman to help others is the seed of my heart. This is me, little cute Sherry.