The Pond

Posted On 2023-10-19 15:07:11

Title: The Pond

Cover story: The Pond is a water-color painting on 20 x 20cm white canvas, which reflects Wilson’s impression of the lotus flower and leaves in Xuanwu Lake. He saw them while taking a walk in the park with his family. To quote him, how refreshing the view is! But there are flaws, and it can only score 6-7/10. Because although the color is brighter and more elegant, it lacks the stereoscopic sensation comparing to Water Lilies of Monet, obviously disparity is there.

Artist: Wilson Yang is 6 years old when he drew The Pond. He was about to be an elementary school pupil. He is a young lad full of curiosity who loves to draw spiders, and also with a lot of “whys”, which makes his dad’s head ache often. He loves hamburger but hates fish and prawn. He will miss lots of the delicious food if he insists so when grow up. But it’s never mind as long as he would not miss the beautiful sight by his side since he is very fond of it.