The pumpkin warrior who defeated the COVID-19 virus

Posted On 2022-03-28 14:48:42

Title: The pumpkin warrior who defeated the COVID-19 virus

Cover story:  I drew a pumpkin warrior. The school teacher said that you can make a pumpkin lantern for Halloween and light a candle to get rid of ghosts. My parents are doctors. They are very busy at work. They often work overtime to treat patients. The COVID-19 virus has hurt many people this year. I hope Pumpkin Warrior can defeat the COVID-19 virus, just like Ultraman defeats the little monster. I hope everyone has a lamp in their hearts, full of light and optimism. I believe we will be able to defeat the COVID-19 virus.

Artist: Song Zihan, male, 7 years old, graduated from kindergarten class. I hope to become a police officer when I grow up. My hobbies are basketball, English, painting and piano.